Library of Croatian Institute of History was founded in 1962.

Books kept in the Library mostly cover field of social sciences and humanities but the majority of the holdings are related to the history, especially history of Croatia and former Yugoslavia in the twentieth century. Since the Library was founded as library of the Institute for the history of workers movement in Croatia a part of its holdings is tightly related to the corresponding topics.

The Library today holds more than 60.000 titles. There are separate divisions of Periodicals and Monographs. Another function of the Library is institutional exchange of periodicals and monographs published by the Institute with the publications produced and published at other scientific and publishing institutions within and outside of Croatia.

Library is primarily equipped for our researchers but other researchers are welcome, too.

Working hours of Library: 8.00 – 16.00

Darija Pancirov, prof. – Head Librarian, E-mail:

Martina Jurčić, prof. – Librarian, E-mail:

Hrvatski institut za povijest
Knjižnica (Library)
Opatička 10
10 000 Zagreb
(01) 4851 721