Scientific work programme

Scientific research work of the Croatian Institute of History from 2013 to 2017/18 will focus on four main problem-research complexes:

  1. Historical sources, historiography (publication of critical reviews of historical sources and application of innovative methodological models for their interpretative analysis in line with contemporary research trends in history science)

  1. History of the institutions, history of the elites, military and war history, modern and contemporary Croatian history in the context of democratic, autocratic and totalitarian authorities and transition (integrative, interdisciplinary and comparative research of institutional, social, military – political phenomena and processes as key factors for the historical and political survival of Croatian lands in the wider regional and international context throughout history)

  1. Urban history, economic history, environmental history, historical demography (space configurations, social structures, economic, natural and human resources as key factors for sustainable development of Croatian lands throughout history)

  1. Cultural and memorial history (cultural diversity, multiple identities and historical memory as dynamic factors in the development of Croatian historical identity)

The intention is to implement nine (9) projects/topics within the main four problem research complexes during the following five years. In the development of projects/subjects we were guided by the mission of the Institute as defined by the Statues, subject exploration or lack of it, competences of the researchers, equal representation of all periods in Croatian history in regional and wider international context, the possibility to apply comparative, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach through cooperation with researchers from other institutes and institutions in the field of humanities and social studies, as well as by the potential for international science cooperation within the specific subject.